The Project

The Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) of Spain, in Spanish ‘IDEE’, aims to integrate data, metadata, services and geographic information through internet. This information is produced in Spain by the national, regional and local nodes according to the specification of the specific theme and the Interoperability and Conformity regulation. As a result of this work, the IDEE project arose.

IDEE is the result of the integration of different Spanish nodes. In the first place the established SDIs of the official data producers and in the second place the private and sectorial SDIs. Each node has a person in charge of the implementation in the National, Regional or Local Area.


IDEE, developed in the LISIGE law, facilitates to the users the location, identification, selection and access to data and services produced in Spain through this Geoportal. Its constitution and maintenance belong to Directorate-General of National Geographic Institute of Spain (IGN).

IDEE IDEE is part of the European SDI, developed by INSPIRE European Directive and incorporated to Spanish legislation through LISIGE. IDEE is the result of the implementation of INSPIRE in Spain.

IDEE presentation (video):

SDI Introduction (pdf)