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RSS Channels

The IDEE Geoportal offers several RSS (Really Simple Syndication) channels through which it informs you of news and events related to Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), as well as modifications made to the geoportal. Subscribing to these RSS feeds allows you to automatically receive the headlines of the news or modifications, and if you are interested in their content, you can access the full version of the notification.

To take advantage of this service you can use programmes known as RSS content readers or aggregators (for instance: Reader, Feedreader, Sharp Reader or Feed Demon) or the options offered by web browsers and some e-mail applications.

We encourage you to subscribe to those that are of interest to you:

RS feeds of Geoportal news

Highlights relevant SDI-related news and events This channel is also used to notify important modifications and updates made to the geoportal contents and clients.

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RSS of the Directory of Services

Notifies additions, deletions and modifications that occur in the Directory of Services of the Geoportal. It has been designed so that the format of each notification follows a pre-established pattern and thus allows its use by applications that wish to have the latest version of the web services information. The notifications have the following structure:

Title: [operation] [type of service] [scope].

Notification body: [service type]; [scope]; [location/responsible party]; [service title]; [service URL];

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RSS from the NSDI Catalogue

Reports the metadata records included in each update of the metadata catalogue of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Spain.

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RSS from the CODSI