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IDEE Working Group

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IDEE Working Group

The IDEE Working Group, under the Permanent Specialized Commission, is an open technical group made up of experts and representatives from data producers, service providers, software companies, universities, technicians, as well as all kinds of actors from the IDEE community.

Its main lines of activity are:

  • To analyse existing geographic data for its possible integration into the IDEE.
  • Propose actions to complete the IDEE.
  • Study the quality and accessibility of available metadata.
  • Promote the implementation of metadata and catalogues.
  • Propose architectures, standards, and technical specifications for the establishment of the IDEE.
  • Study the most appropriate technological solutions.
  • Exchange and share experiences and good practices.
  • Analyse and propose solutions for data, licensing, and pricing policies.

The IDEE Working Group holds regular meetings, where presentations are made, experiences shared, and proposals agreed upon and approved to implement SDI projects in Spain and to show the development of these projects. Presentations from each of these meetings can be viewed in the links below.

Several working subgroups have been established to:

  • Serve as a discussion forum on a specific topic.
  • Unite existing ideas and experiences.
  • Agree on technical documents.