IDEE presentación


A Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI; IDE in its Spanish acronym) is a network in which different organizations publish geospatial information through standardised web services and catalogue it using metadata. To this end, they take on a number of common agreements and policies.

The objective of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Spain (IDEE) is to integrate the data, metadata, and geographic services produced in Spain into the web, conforming with the regulations, standards, and recommendations that permit their interoperability.

The IDEE integrates SDI nodes from national, regional, and local governments and is prepared to integrate SDI resources from the private sector, universities, NGOs, other organizations, and the general public.

It forms part of the European SDI, defined in the INSPIRE Directive, and transposed in Spain by the LISIGE law. It has as its main access point this geoportal, which is the responsibility of the National Geographic Institute.


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